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We started Callosum because we have seen too many companies struggle with how to take great ideas and technology to market. They are either too inwardly focused to deliver what their customers truly need or they confuse the market by speaking in a language that doesn’t connect with their audience.

Our mission is to make sure you are ready to take advantage of all the new opportunity arriving from Artificial Intelligence to the Industrial Internet of Things by co-creating a go-to-market strategy that generates sustainable demand.

About Callosum

Callosum is an advisory firm that helps business leaders accelerate growth.  By focusing on alignment between innovation and the customer experience we help our clients generate greater demand.

A Technical and Creative Hybrid

Our team comprises a hybrid of technical and creative talent with extensive industry expertise. From Creative Directors to CIOs, we have assembled a diverse mix of advisors that is uniquely qualified to address your go-to-market challenges.

Outside-In Perspective

From local start-ups to global enterprises, we help our clients gain an outside-in perspective so they can better understand the language of their customers and create a richer overall experience.

Outcome-Focused Accountability

We don’t deal in the theoretical. Our advisors have practical, hands-on expertise and are solely focused on helping you find ways to acquire, retain, and grow your customer base.

Our Capabilities
Business Model Canvas

We work alongside your team to describe your value proposition, infrastructure, customers, and finances with the goal of creating a clear and cohesive go-to-market strategy.

Data Science

Our data scientists have the analytical expertise to help you extract knowledge and insight from your data so you can make decisions based on analytics – not anecdote.

Market Intelligence

We gather and analyze relevant market information to help you improve the accuracy and confidence of your decisions and give you a more complete picture of the opportunity landscape.

Messaging and Communications

Our marketing advisors take an outside-in perspective, based on the language of your customer, to help you craft a competitive position and compelling story for your product or service.

Influencer Relations

Our team will identify key influencers across the media, analyst, and academic communities and orient marketing activities to help you extend your brand’s reach and credibility.

Demand Generation

Our advisors know how to build cohesive sales and marketing organizations and will ensure you have the right people, processes  and technology in place to generate, capture and convert demand.

Technology Transformation

Our advisors have deep expertise in data center and cloud computing infrastructure, mixed-reality and Industry 4.0 technologies that are at the forefront of your digital transformation initiatives.

Investor Readiness

We have the privilege of helping founders accelerate their firms’ market penetration and growth by working alongside them to hone and refine their investor pitch and go-to-market strategy.

Our Advisors
Kevin Malik
Managing Partner
Jason Ferrara
Managing Partner
Jimmy Mathews
Dave Shaw
Senior Advisor - Operations
David Shepard
Senior Advisor - Go-To-Market
Tom Brown
Senior Advisor - Cloud
Mario Rini
Senior Advisor - Experience Design
Dana Boesen
Senior Advisor - IT Systems
Our Partners

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Zuggand is a digital marketing and technology firm that specializes in accelerating business transformation- from small startups to large enterprises. Learn more at zuggand.com

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